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The Growtech Eurasia Exhibition celebrated its tenth anniversary in early December 2010. This annual agricultural exhibition is set in Antalya, Turkey and has an international audience. The fair played host to an impressive 526 exhibitors, consisting of both Turkish and international companies. Among them was Dutch Plantin India and we were happy to welcome a great amount of visitors to our stand. The Growtech Eurasia Exhibition opened its doors to a record breaking 60,000 visitors from all over the world and many of them paid us a visit.

A main point of interest at our stand was the various types of Dutch Plantin growbags. Local visitors as well as the representatives from international growers were eager to learn more about the many sizes and mixtures. Of course we’re delighted to see that growers around the world recognise the surplus value of our products. The pleasant conversations we’ve had during the four day Growtech Eurasia Fair with growers showed they also appreciate the transparency in our way of working. After all, purchasing Dutch Plantin products means purchasing them directly from the manufacturer, which guarantees a fair price and first hand, tailored advice about the best possible product or mixture for their specific crop. A clear philosophy which we sincerely believe in.


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