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The ultimate growing medium for any vegetable

Tomato, cucumber, peppers: our substrates are the ultimate growing medium for any vegetable or herb. Why? Thanks to our innovative production process, which results in an optimal air-water ratio. Moreover, thanks to their moisture-retaining properties, our substrates can be properly irrigated over and over again – a unique property of coco. In addition to this, bad soil quality and soil diseases become a thing of the past. This also helps you achieve a better yield per square meter and lower your fertiliser use.

Ready for the future

Sustainability is high on the political agenda all over the world. Moreover, fresh water is becoming more and more scarce. Therefore, regulations on water and fertiliser use are becoming stricter. Unlike soil, substrates require less irrigation. But there’s more! Our 100% organic substrates can be used for several seasons. Interested in a more sustainable, future-proof approach to your cultivation and keen on finding out more about the switch to coco substratesWe will gladly provide you with all the information you need.