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From experiment to global pioneer

What can we do with coco pith? And how can this residual product help us make the world a better place? In 1984, these questions marked the start of our journey. We conducted a few practical experiments with rose growers, using coco as a growing medium. We hit the ground running and less than a year later, our first factory opened its doors. Meanwhile, Dutch Plantin has fifteen modern production sites in Asia, Africa and The Netherlands. We employ over 1,500 people and supply our products virtually across the globe. How we managed to achieve this, you ask? By joining forces with local producers and grouping our locations in our home country, The Netherlands, in a smart manner from day one. Our four key principles?


We have our very own production sites, managed locally, which enable us to keep control of the raw materials, the production process and the quality of our products. Our customers all over the world can rely on advice and support from our help desk 24/7.

A deal is a deal

We believe that honouring agreements is a matter of mentality and creating the right conditions. By spreading our factories across the globe we can guarantee a year-round supply. We also manage our transport to avoid nasty surprises for our customers.

Sustainable collaboration

Sustainable relationships with customers lie at the basis not only of our success but also of theirs. No relationship is taken for granted. We keep pushing ourselves to the limit in order to meet our customers’ expectations day in, day out.

Down to earth

We work with products of nature. We are aware of this every day, and it keeps us grounded. However, we also like to think big: we are constantly driven to be pioneers and explore new ventures.