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Looking for an aerated potting soil? Coco is your answer!

Dutch Plantin works closely with potting soil producers across the globe. After all, coco is an essential additive for potting soil mixtures for potted and indoor plants, cuttings and seedlings. Our coco products retain water, aerate the potting soil mixture and can easily be mixed with peat, turf, clay granules and perlite, among others. Looking for a way to replace turf? Discover our specially developed product, Coco-15.

The right nutrient mix

Our innovative production process for coco pith allows us to keep salt levels low and add calcium to the mixture upon request. The result? Quick and stronger rooting, and high-quality crops. And did you know that the use of our coco substrates improves not only the crops, but also the environment and the lives of many people? Find out more here.