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SAVE water………with our Optima growbag……… meet us at the Hortifair 2011

By 24 October 2011March 4th, 2022No Comments

At the Hortifair (1-4 November) Dutch Plantin will expose and pay attention to the Optima growbag. Research at PlantResearch International BV has shown a big advantage: Saving water up to 20% compared to growing on rockwool!

The availability of good quality water is of a major importance for life and horticulture, especially for those areas on earth that have a limited rainfall. If we are able to grow vegetables and fruit with less usage of water, without any disadvantage, it would be a great step forward.

Research at PlantResearch International BV noticed remarkable advantages by growing on our Dutch Plantin Optima growbag. This special growbag has 2 layers: a layer of coco-chips at the bottom and a layer of coco-pith at the top.

This has resulted in a growbag with all advantages combined:

*  easy to expand uniform
*  excellent root establishment horizontally
*  excellent drainage through the coco-chips
*  less root diseases as no wet roots anymore
*  minimum equal yield compared to rockwool
*  up to 20% less water consumption compared to rockwool
We are happy to inform you more about these growbags.
Come and meet us at the Hortifair!

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