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For more than twenty years Dutch Plantin has focused on delivering and securing high-quality products. As a result we are now the largest coco manufacturer in India and have the RHP and IMO licenses.

Internal quality control
In addition to being licensed, our internal quality control is of a high level. Dutch Plantin never releases a container without it having been checked thoroughly by its own Quality Control employee.

Control 1

New equipment laboratory
Our Dutch and Indian laboratories have recently been equipped with the latest equipment for chemical and physical research. Our laboratory workers have been thoroughly trained to work in this environment.

Control 2

Monitoring during manufacture
In India, we monitor the manufacturing process from beginning to end, for example to determine the correct source and age of the husks, the presence of sand, weeds and other contamination. We also monitor all the processes, such as sieving, drying and pressing. And finally, we also check all our outgoing goods before they are prepared for transport in containers.

Stable composition
A part of our goods is sent to our Dutch factories in Helmond and Boekel. Here the coco is processed into perfect coco peat for our customers: the EU potting soil industry. Our customers demand the highest quality coco. Dutch Plantin is the only independent coco manufacturer that is able to make sure they always receive the best coco: coco with stable physical and chemical qualities.

Control 4

Training Dutch Plantin staff
Regularly we give our employees training and education with the aim to maintain our quality at level.