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Dutch Plantin Coir Pvt Ltd joined recently a new show in Vienna, called Hortivienna. It is held in Vienna for the first time from 27 to 29 September and attracts visitors from Austria and the surrounding countries. Pro Horto Ltd is already for many years the representative in Central Europe for Dutch Plantin.

“We notice a remarkable interest in the Optima compressed growbag”, according Gergely Boróczki, the managing director of ProHorto. Growers like the organic substrate because of the excellent air/water ratio and the fact that Optima coir is more forgiving.

Tomato growers in Hungary were one of the first that experienced the Optima growbag 2 years ago. The double layer growbag (with coco-chips at the bottom and coco-pith at the top) has shown an early fast root establishment. The chips guarantee an even and easy drainage, to avoid wet roots. Some vegetable growers use these bags succesful for 2 years! After the crop the coir is not a waste material anymore as it is good to reuse or recylce.

Gergely Boróczkï: 0036 30 392 9425
Wim Roosen: 0031 610 569 218


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