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Our factory in Ivory Coast has seen a rapid development thanks to the production of large volumes of Coco-15. For a number of years now, Dutch manager Mr Fer Weerheijm has been steering the Dutch Plantin production location in the right direction.


Coco-15 improves the drainage of potting soil mixture and has an air percentage of more than 40%. This special coir product also retains water and helps to uniformly absorb water in the pot.


Coco-15 consists of an airy and extremely stable mixture of coco pith and coco fibres. After being treated in the Netherlands, with for example a mixture of Dutch Plantin coco pith in any ratio, or simply as 100% coco substrate, coco-15 is used by potting soil businesses in the Netherlands and surrounding countries. The popularity of this exceptional product can be explained by its structure: Coco-15 can easily and evenly be mixed with potting soil, resulting in a uniform and ideal mixture.


left Dutch Plantin coco pith, right Dutch Plantin Coco-15

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