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Coco is of common use in growing soft fruits like strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and redcurrant berries. Growers of strawberries often use substrates consisting of 100% coco peat. Growers of other soft fruits tend to use a more loose and airy mixture, which has coco fibres or coco chips added to it. In cooperation with DLV Plant, Dutch Plantin has set up several special tests at KICK Randwijk, to study the differences between both types of substrates.

Compressed coco products
More and more growers outside The Netherlands choose to use Dutch Plantin’s compressed coco products. For example our specially developed briquettes, but also our compressed growbags, which are commonly used in growing strawberries. These growbags are somewhat airier than the uncompressed coco peat used in The Netherlands.

Open door day at KICK
At this very moment, we are busy studying the differences between growing soft fruits on uncompressed and compressed coco peat. At the end of this year we will present our findings. On August 16th, everyone who was interested had the chance to visit the test settings at KICK, during the open door days. Below this article, you can find a series of photos that give an impression of these days.