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Cocopeat which completely satisfies the soft fruit growers? requirements: Dutch Plantin cocopeat. Dutch Plantin processes the raw coconut into a perfectly buffered and rinsed product: low EC, low in silicon and low in boron. The Dutch company has production locations in Helmond and Boekel.

Dutch Plantin produces the cocopeat for potting soil companies in and around the Netherlands. These companies subsequently provide Dutch, English, Belgian and German growers with the best quality cocopeat in existence. The growers are thereby buying security, as Dutch Plantin supplies stable cocopeat with the very best physical and chemical properties. Top quality cocopeat, which customers have now been used to since the nineteen nineties.


Expansion of the production location in Boekel in the Netherlands

Dutch Plantin uses natural methods whenever possible when loosening the cocopeat, in order to maintain the material’s original structure: using water. This ensures the structure remains 100 percent intact, in contrast to the production systems which grind the coconut.

All buffered cocopeat supplied by Dutch Plantin is RHP certified. Read more about what makes our cocopeat different:

Soft fruit plants have been using Dutch Plantin cocopeat for years. Van Asseldonk is a large plant propagator in the Netherlands and also produces large quantities of soft fruit.

Arnoud van Asseldonk

Arnoud van Asseldonk from Het Broek

Arnoud has the following answer to the question as to “Why he grows his softfruits using Dutch Plantin’s cocopeat?”: “Cocopeat is a perfect soil for growing in: very easy to process and easy to water. Plus Dutch Plantin is a reliable party, which certainly has access to all the required know-how”.


Table top crop of Elsanta at Arnoud van Asseldonk