Coco peat products for potting soil businesses

As an improver and substitute

Dutch Plantin is a responsible, reliable and independent partner for potting soil businesses. Both our coco peat, coco chips and our coco fibres make a fantastic additive for potting soil. Our products hold water, allow air into the potting soil mixture and are perfect for mixing with peat, clay granules and perlite. They are ideal as an improver and a substitute for conventional additives.

Both producer and supplier

Dutch Plantin is both a producer and a supplier. We have the entire production process under our control and this provides a lot of benefits. One, for example, is that you’re not paying a dealer’s or intermediary’s margin. What’s more, we are able to guarantee exceptional quality. It’s no coincidence that we are a member of RHP and have all the necessary permits and certificates. Our production sites are spread over Asia, Africa and the Netherlands and we hold large stocks. In this way, we can produce and always supply bulk or compressed products completely regardless of the weather.

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