Consumer interest in compressed coco pith products is growing. Not only is coco pith clean and easy to use in the garden or for potting plants, it is also an extremely lightweight product.

We ship entire containers directly from India to large international buyers:

*  50 litre bags with loose coco pith, lightweight and ready to us

50-ltr-zak pallet-50-ltr-zak
*  compressed briquettes of approx. 8 ENltr

*  compressed handy-sized blocks of approx. 20 ENltr

dp-20-ltr (1)
*  compressed blocks of approx. 60 ENltr
How to use our products when planting? Using our products is easy: once you have added water, the loose coco pith can be used for a variety of purposes. It is advisable to add nutrients to the water once you’ve finished planting. This will enable you to regulate the nutrients based on your use and the specific needs of your plant.

Compressed coco pith products are not wrapped and available on pallet loads, allowing you to organise the wrapping and labelling.

pallet-briketten pallet-5-kg
loose briquettes on pallets5kg blocks on pallets

We’re also able to individually wrap and seal the coco pith, adding your label if necessary. In this case, briquettes will be packed in boxes on pallets. The minimum order for these products is a 20ft container with 10 to 12 pallets.

The Swiss IMO certificate is available on request for Dutch Plantin coco pith products. This quality assurance label guarantees biological, environmentally-friendly and corporately responsible products. We have been successfully carrying the IMO certificate for years.