About 10 years ago we started in The Netherlands with the first compressed growbags in roses, at a moment that lots of rose growers were using loose cocopeat bags. Since then lots of growers like the long lasting quality coco mixture with high air ratio for more years.
The production of roses in The Netherlands got reduced a lot since then, and moved to Africa, Central America and to the East.
Nowadays we supply many growers in those countries with our high quality coco products.
Of course we notice other parties in the market coming up as the demand to coco keeps on going.
Sometimes our customers are tempted by the offers from them, but after one or a few experiences, most of them come back to us!
“No other manufacturer is that consistent in quality as Dutch Plantin is” and “I can buy Dutch Plantin coco blind, as I know it is OK!” are just some recent comments we got.