Early September the International Strawberry Congress took place in Antwerp (Belgium). Nearly 300 participants from 24 countries shared their knowledge and experiences about strawberries.

Strawberries are a very popular product among consumers worldwide. The producing countries export large volumes to countries where little is produced. To adapt to the growing demand for strawberries, several countries increase their production.

Growing on coco substrate contributes to the responsible and sustainable production of strawberries: a substantial reduction in the use of chemical agents (for instance soil fumigation and herbicides) and greatly improved working conditions for pickers, because they can perform all their work upright.

Innovation in varieties and improved cultivation techniques increases the quality and hence the consumption. Strawberries are very healthy and usually available all year round.

Growing on substrate also reduces the final cost per kilo and therefore expands significantly. In the Netherlands, Belgium and England, most strawberries are already grown in substrates. Because growers want to be free from soil fumigation and want to be able to easily harvest the fruit.

Certain areas are just at the beginning of this development. Dutch Plantin has 20 years of experience in the successful cultivation of strawberries on coco. We like to share our knowledge and experience with our customers.