With the coco peat market developing itself continuously, the quality standards have to be adjusted at the same pace. To make sure that its requirements are up to date, the RHP Foundation partly relies on the knowledge and experience of professionals in horticulture. Just recently, Fer Weerheijm ? production and sales director at Dutch Plantin – was asked to join the Coir Products Group within the RHP Foundation. To be specific, Fer will be chairman of the Coir Products product group.

The RHP foundation
The Coir Products product group of the RHP foundation consists of representatives of six leading and RHP certified horticultural companies. Together they hold sessions on defining and improving the RHP quality standards. The RHP foundation researches the various quality parameters (like stability) and explores enhanced measuring methods in order to make sure that a RHP certified product is of the highest possible quality. With Fer Weerheijm joining the Coir Products product group, there are now two people of the Dutch Plantin team within the RHP foundation. In addition to Fer, our quality manager Koen van den Hurk is also a member.

If you would like to find out more about Dutch Plantin or our products, just contact one of our people below:

Contact in the Netherlands
Fer Weerheijm
Email: fer.weerheijm@dutchplantin.com
Telephone: +31 492 324 291

Contact in India
Siby Joseph
Email: siby.joseph@dutchplantin.com
Telephone: +91 422 231 2822