Dutch Plantin pays attention to corporate social responsibility in different areas:

Water conservation
Water is becoming increasingly scarce in India, which is why it is important to efficiently use water and to recycle it. We have been able to reduce the amount of water used per unit by 15%. The further development of manufacturing processes also results in an even greater reduction of the water used.

Efficient packaging
We reduce our costs and our burden on the environment by placing more grow bags on a pallet and packaging more blocks in a container. This has resulted in a 10% more efficient transporting of the goods.

Organic grow bags
The development towards organic fertilizers for substrate purposes is slow but certain. Our IMO licensed grow bags are a perfect basis for biological growing and are therefore very popular. The biological growers are able to achieve further growth by using coco that has been manufactured in accordance with IMO guidelines. This means that growing plants biologically from soil is becoming more and more possible.