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All over the world, professional growers use our coco substrates to grow soft fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants. Now, our clientele will be joined by two new groups: small-scale producers and home growers. With our brand-new line, we seek to cater to the retail and consumer market for various types of plants.

Small-scale growers go for quality
The number of small-scale and home growers is exploding. This is happening in the Netherlands and Europe, and even in North America, for example. According to Wim Roosen of Dutch Plantin, one of the reasons for this is the increase in local food production. “Home growers and small-scale producers also increasingly take quality into consideration. On top of that, they recognise the benefits of coco substrates. There’s a good reason why we at Dutch Plantin are receiving more and more requests for smaller packages. With, we can now meet this demand.”

The benefits of
What are the benefits of coco substrates compared to peat or soil, for example? Wim Roosen: “Coco pith has excellent moisture-retaining qualities and automatically drains any excesses. This results in high-quality plants, even without the technical installations used by large-scale, professional growers. On top of that, it’s easy to use. And sustainable.”

Three product types
Through, we offer three different types of coco products. Two of those are buffered (fertilised with calcium) and washed. This ready-to-use coco pith is available separately in 50-litre bags or pressed into 4.5-kilogram blocks, in three degrees of coarseness. A single block can be used to make 50 to 60 litres of potting soil. The third variety is primarily for larger amateur growers: washed coco pith, unbuffered. This is available in briquettes or as a grow pot. “With unbuffered substrate, growers have the opportunity to pick the organic plant nutrition of their choice,” Wim explains. “There is significant demand for this, especially in North America.”

New brand, new site!
Want to know more about our new product line? Take a look at our brand new website or watch the video. Or send an email to Wim Roosen via