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Honselersdijk, February 19, 2024 – Tomatoworld, based in Honselersdijk, proudly announces that Dutch Plantin, a global leader in the production of coconut products located in Boekel, has renewed its partnership for the year 2024. Wim Roosen personally signed the official confirmation of the membership.

Introduction to Dutch Plantin

In 1984, Dutch Plantin began exploring the possibilities of coconut coir and its contribution to a better world. After successful practical trials with rose growers, the first factory was established within a year. Nearly four decades later, they have grown into a globally operating company with fifteen modern production locations in Asia, Africa, and the Netherlands. With over 1,500 employees, they serve almost every region on earth. With a focus on quality, reliability, and sustainability, the company continues to lead in the green sector.

Quality: Thanks to their own production locations and local management, control is maintained over raw materials and production processes, resulting in high-quality products. Global customers can rely on 24/7 advice and support through the helpdesk.

Agreement is agreement: Keeping promises is ingrained in the mentality and is made possible by the spread of the factories. This allows them to guarantee reliable deliveries throughout the year. Transport is carried out in-house to prevent surprises for both us and the customers.

Shared goal with Tomatoworld

In line with societal developments in horticulture, Tomatoworld, together with Dutch Plantin, aims to position greenhouse horticulture as the most relevant instrument for sustainable, flavorful, and high-quality vegetable production. The joint goal is to present Dutch greenhouse horticulture as a valuable contribution to global food challenges, where Dutch production methods, knowledge, and technologies can contribute to a healthier world.

Joint message

Tomatoworld partners with leading international companies in the greenhouse horticulture sector, providing high-quality knowledge and technologies to cultivate healthy products in an advanced environment in a sustainable, efficient, and natural way.

Tomatoworld is grateful for the trust Dutch Plantin has placed in them and looks forward to further collaboration to jointly develop the greenhouse horticulture sector and provide sustainable solutions.

In the picture

In the photo, operational manager of Tomatoworld Joyce van Dalen can be seen on the left and Wim Roosen on the right with the Dutch Plantin coconut mat in between.


For further information, please contact: Claudia van Staalduinen via or 0174-612525.