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A more sustainable raw material than cocopeat? There isn’t one. It’s no wonder that cocopeat substrates are booming and are used worldwide for the cultivation of vegetables, soft fruit, flowers, and plants. Things were different in 1994! As was doing business in India. In a nutshell: 30 years of pioneering.

The very first!

The transition to alternative raw materials? 30 years ago, almost no one was talking about it. Dutch Plantin was one of the first producers – if not the first – to research how a natural by-product, the husk of cocopeats, could be used as a growing medium. And look how big the market for these sustainable raw materials is now!

Seeing opportunities

We not only pioneered a new raw material. But also in a country that had hardly been discovered by Western companies. India is now one of the fastest-growing economic powers, and the EU has a strong trade relationship with it. We are honored to have played a significant role in this development. As a partner in dozens of RVO projects and as a participant in various trade missions.

Positive impact

Even more beautiful: by doing business in India, we can improve the lives of many people. We are convinced that companies can make a positive difference. This way, we help our employees build a future.

10 years of charities

In 2024, we have another anniversary. For 10 years, we have supported initiatives in India that advocate for vulnerable groups, such as the Stichting Udavum Karangal and Wilde Ganzen! Later this year, we will celebrate this with an extra donation that we will personally deliver.