Photo Album

Our new photo album will provide you with some large scale examples of a number of different crops which have been successfully grown using our cocopeat products. Dutch Plantin cocopeat stands for a fast and strong rooting of your plants, which will result in maximum yield and top quality:

GroSci 2013 Symposium

The GroSci 2013 Symposium, that was held June 17-21 in Leiden (The Netherlands), was the perfect opportunity for Dutch Plantin to meet researchers and technical people from all over the world. Topics like water, composts, peat mixtures, peat replacements, peat additives, nutrients, reuse of disposed water often touched our coco peat products. There is still…


Our customers get the right support

There is much choice in coco world. This results in the fact that all kinds of qualities and prices are available on the market. Essential for successful growing is not only the right choice of coco products. Sizes, volumes and the right specifications of the coco is important to succeed. Good support at the grower…


Dutch Plantin is main sponsor of “The International Symposium on Growing Media and Soilless Cultivation 17-21 June 2013”

Working groups under the Commission of Plant Substrates and Soilless Cultivation of the ISHS (Growing Media, Composting for Horticultural applications, Substrate analysis, Hydroponics, Aquaponics) and the International Peat Society are pleased to announce a joint Symposium from June 17-21 2013 in Leiden, The Netherlands. The Symposium is organized under the auspices of the International Society…


A good advice results to a much better yield!

More growers are looking for the right quality of coco for their crops. To be closer to the customers and to communicate more directly with them Dutch Plantin attends more local exhibitions abroad. It is a pity when growers are supplied with a coco that is not the best for their crops, often disappointing in…


First new tomatoes in Belgium

Three weeks ago, at the 20th of December of 2012, a Dutch Plantin customer in Belgium harvested his first new tomatoes. These were planted under assimilation lights on October the 15th and already after 3½ weeks rooted through the whole bag. The grower is already growing for several years on coco, and he is very…