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The potting soil industry in and around The Netherlands is very satisfied with the quality of our coco pith: there is no other supplier that offers such consistent quality in terms of structure, buffering and the EC level. Dutch Plantin’s coco pith and coco chips maintain an optimum air % for a long period of time. The balanced structure of our materials results in an effective horizontal spreading of water & fertilizer: from the very start, roots grow freely across the whole substrate, from top to bottom. We consistently manufacture the same structure for both coco peat and coco chips to ensure physical and chemical quality. Irrigation and feeding have become fully foreseeable, and that is exactly what growers need! We ship directly from India to customers in over 50 countries. They all have one thing in common: they want good quality and reliable deliveries. They order well in advance to avoid running out and don’t like going elsewhere because they are so used to our coir’s superior quality.