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Dutch Plantin has developed a new method to visualize the amount of water and air in layered growbags. Our new research program enables us to compare the characteristics of different coir based growbags and clarify the differences between brands. Until now only loose cocopeat or mixtures of cocopeat with peat moss have been examined.


Compare water and air

Take a look at the results the growth area at -10 cm. Dutch Plantin Optima Double Layer contains more air than water. And that’s the way it should be! Our growbag also shows an equal distribution of moisture, from top to bottom. This ensures optimal growth conditions in a controlled environment for various types of crops. The growbag of another brand has less air in the same growth area. That makes it harder for growers to manage for example the cultivation of vegetables, flowers and soft fruits.


Optimal rooting in the entire mat

During the Growtech Eurasia in Antalya this December it also became clear that we’ve started a trend with our latest generation of coir growbags. Growers look for a coir substrate full of air that shows uniform growth and rooting. Not only straight down, but throughout the entire mat. Dutch Plantin Optima Double Layer performs optimal rooting within 3 weeks.

Expansion of production capacity

The demand for Dutch Plantin Optima Double Layer grows worldwide. “That makes it hard to keep delivery times to acceptable levels”, says Wim Roosen of Dutch Plantin. “We therefore decided to re-invest in our production facility with four new presses. With this significant increase of our production capacity we hope to shorten the delivery of our products. A challenge that we focus on all the time.”