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Due to several developments in the market we notice growers are asking for good quality of cocopeat: well buffered and washed to low EC. Then I always add: and what about stability? “With a cheap, soft and spongy cocopeat you will not succeed!” I invite growers to come and talk about cocopeat: we supply loose cocopeat RAL&RHP-certified from our Dutch factories via selected potting soil companies in Germany and The Netherlands.

We see growers of softfruits in Europe showing interest in our compressed coir products as well”, thus Wim Roosen. “For example briquettes are easy to use in pots or with gutter systems. And we have ready to use systems like growbags and pots. Growbags protect strawberries against the moist of the surface of the substrate. Especially in non-heated tunnel crops the loss by rotten fruit can be significant. That is why growers choose our growbags”.

You will find us in Hall 1 Stand A44.