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Contributing to the education of children in Sivagangai District India. Lending a hand to fulfill their dreams. Giving the word charity meaning by making it a verb. That is what Dutch Plantin India wanted to do after hearing the said news that was all over the channels on the 31st of July 2016.

Classes of the local school, The Sivaganga Mahasilvanenthal Panchayat Union Middle School, where taken under the tree, every time it started to rain. Conditions of the school where poorly and dangerously.

School in bad state

At first sight of the school we couldn’t imagine how miserable it must be for the little kids coming to a school in such a bad state. The entrance and pathways were severely damaged and ceilings of classes threatening to fall on anyone at any time. One day a boy got injured due to a part of the ceiling coming down.

Worries about safety

School officials, teachers and parents were very worried about the safety of the children. Would they return home safely without harm? To find a solution for the bad conditions the school officials approached all concerned authorities for building and maintenance. Along with the school officials the parents went to the collectorate for help. But all was in vain.

Happy about the result!

And so Dutch Plantin India took initiative to renovate the school and its classrooms. You can see the happiness and gratitude in the eyes of the children and the result in the before and after pictures below. We are thankful that we could have been meaningful for the children.

Before and after: renovated classrooms with new ceilings, pathways and a welcoming entrance for the local middle school of Sivagangai District (India).


School opening day photos on 08-06-2017