Dutch Plantin goes IPM! Hall 7 C11

To support sales to Europe, Dutch Plantin Cocopeat Products will visit these markets more often. For example, between the 24th and the 27th of January, we will join the IPM in Essen. You are welcome to meet us to discuss the opportunities of cocopeat in all kind of crops: Vegetables, flowers: “Double layered bag has…


Award winning Dutch Plantin India

On October 18th Dutch Plantin India was honored with two awards from the Indian government at Punjab Agricultural University in Ludhiana: we are the largest exporter of coir pith products . Siby Joseph, Managing director of Dutch Plantin India, received these prestigious awards by Sri. Kalraj Mishra ji, the Indian Union Cabinet Minister of Micro,…


RHP-certified for more than twenty years

In both the Netherlands and India, Dutch Plantin produces high-quality, uniform and stable cocopeat products. By following our own quality management structure and being in compliance with international rules drawn up by RHP, we can ensure good quality and a sustainable production from source to final product. Our main products are cocopeat (or coir pith), coco fibres and coco chips.


Dutch Plantin present in Antalya again

To support sales to Turkey and the Middle East, Dutch Plantin will visit these markets more often. For example, between the 30th of November and the 3rd of December, we will join the Growtech Eurasia 2016 in Antalya, together with the Netherlands Export Combination (NEC). You are welcome to meet Wim Roosen at the Holland…


How to handle 5 kg blocks?

If there is a substrate manufacturer nearby, cocopeat can be supplied in loose form and ‘ready to use’ like Dutch Plantin is doing in The Netherlands. To save on transport costs direct supply of compressed 5 kg blocks can be interesting. However, then the customer has to process the coir himself. 
This can be done…


News about crops: Lisianthus planted in cocopeat

The first thing Lisianthus plants are known for are their beautiful bell-shaped flowers. Unfortunately, the second thing Lisianthus plants are known for is being notoriously difficult to cultivate. For best results, grow the plant from plugs – small seedlings that are well-developed in their growth and purchased in plastic trays – instead of attempting to…


New opportunities with our newest product: DPpots, layered of course …

Dutch Plantin has developed a special new product for growers, which is called Dutch Plantin Optima DPpots: a special grade of Dutch Plantin cocopeat and coco-chips. As a result, growers now use Optima DPpots with excellent results in various crops, with the above mentioned properties being enhanced even further