Dutch Plantin and its sister company Van Doren Engineers are supporting Indian charity Udavum Karangal with a donation of € 17,082.20. On top of that, a bonus of € 8,541.10 was awarded by development aid organisation Wilde Ganzen. The sponsorship will be used to build a multifunctional hall for a healthcare centre in Coimbatore.

Udavum Karangal – Tamil for ‘helping hands’ – offers disadvantaged people in the surroundings of Coimbatore the opportunity to visit a doctor or psychiatrist in its healthcare centre. The multifunctional hall will ensure that both the patients and those accompanying them will be able to wait comfortably for surgery hours. This is far from an unnecessary luxury, because the patients are often from small, remote villages, and will usually have made a long journey to get to the centre. Aside from that, it is often so busy at the centre that people have to wait for a long time.

Indoor hall equipped with various facilities

Around a thousand psychiatric patients and mentally impaired people regularly visit the centre in Coimbatore, where Dutch Plantin is based. The indoor hall will offer these people and accompanying persons shelter from the sun and the rain. It will be equipped with ventilators, lighting, chairs, dining tables, several wheelchairs, washing facilities, and toilets. Udavum Karangal will also be serving food and beverages there, for a small fee. The hall will also serve for carrying out administrative tasks.

Long-term commitment

Udavum Karangal is represented in the Netherlands by the Helpende Handen India foundation (‘Helping Hands India’), which monitors the way the money is spent, enabling us to know exactly what the money is spent on. This is one of the reasons why Dutch Plantin and Van Doren Engineers have decided to enter into a long-term commitment with Udavum Karangal.

If you would like to know more about Udavum Karangal, please go to www.helpendehandenindia.nl or www.udavumkarangal.org.