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Wondering what Dutch Plantin’s new logo means? You are not the only one. We have often been asked this question since we presented our new house style. Logical, a logo is often developed in the finest detail. Ours too. We are delighted to explain how it was conceived.

Hidden symbols
What do you think: does our logo represent the globe? A coconut? A plant? Or letters? All of the above! They may no longer be readily identifiable, but that is not necessary. Our logo contains various hidden messages that together symbolise our identity. Two hands cherishing something: that is where the round shape originated. The designer expanded on that by combining the ‘helping hands’ with the globe, a leaf-shaped heart, and a small but sturdy little plant. Plus, the powerful (and proud!) letters DP. Each of the symbols represents our identity as Investors in life and Innovators in growth. Want to get to know us better? You can read more about us here.