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Due to the pandemic, there were no physical events and exhibitions in 2020. For this reason, the Greentech trade fair was organised on a digital platform this year. This was a fairly new concept to everybody, and we noticed that the digital way works well and that this will be part of the future. It is easier to visit and participate in shows more efficiently: instead of travelling for a week, you can do it from your home/office. On the other hand, we do look forward to meeting you live soon!
Wim Roosen says: « In digital exhibitions and missions, I spoke to people I would never meet on a live event. Also, when you are stuck together you ‘have to talk’ for the full half hour. That was interesting! »

Our theme for the Greentech 2020 was ‘Product Quality & Safety’. Where do we come from and where are we heading to in future? How do we contribute to a better world? This 10-minute video explains it.