Special growbags for soft fruits

Because growers have less or no options for soil disinfectants anymore, the use of quality substrates is becoming more and more important. On a larger scale also Spanish growers cultivate on substrate. In Spain, the fruit season begins at this time, with large volumes, much diversity and beautiful quality. Dutch Plantin teams up with a local dealer who specializes in irrigation systems for soft fruit. The engineers give growers solid advice, especially on the use of growbags. These growbags can be used up to approximately five years, thanks to the durability of the plastic. Dutch Plantin developed these special growbags, specifically for cultivating soft fruits.

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Optimal growth with double layer growbag

Dutch Plantin demonstrated the double layer growbag during visits to several of our European clients. This special growbag has two layers: a layer of coco chips at the bottom (5-15mm) and a layer of coco pith at the top (sieved> 1mm). The great advantage of this double layer growbag is the same humidity on the bottom and at the top (e.g. 69-72%). When using other substrates, a lot of the water drops down while the top is much drier, compared with stonewool (100-30%), full pith (85-60%) and full crush (70-30%). The double layer growbag ensures optimal growth conditions. In addition, this growbag can be used in various crops of vegetables, soft fruit and flowers.
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Customers visit Dutch Plantin in India …

Our factories in India receives regular visits from international clients of Dutch Plantin. So that our clients get a good picture of our production, our latest production techniques and the origin of our products. Our guests were visibly impressed by our performances.