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The Udavum Karangal Foundation is an advocate for vulnerable groups in Indian Society. This includes mentally ill people and people with a disability that requires support to rejoin their families, village or environment. The foundation not only supports these people, it also helps them to provide for themselves as independently as possible; for example by giving them a pair of goats and teach them how to look after the animals properly. Dutch Plantin is delighted to support this project.

Good Goats Project
Bart Veldpaus – actively involved with Udavum Karangal for 15 years – ensures that our donations find a deserving home in India. He recently presented the Parivartan Goat Project in Coimbatore with two cheques of €4,500 and €450 from Dutch Plantin and Van Doren respectively. Together with four students and two teachers from the Dendron College (Horst aan de Maas), he handed over the goat twosomes to their new owners. Would you like to find out more about this Goat Project? Or are you interested in supporting this great initiative? Take a look at the Udavum Karangal website.