Dutch Plantin coco makes the difference

Stable coco

Unfortunately you will notice only a couple of months after planting …

Often we get the question about “how you can see the coir quality is stable”. Well that is very diffcicult to see as most new coir look good. If you feel the coir some soft and spongy and the color is more light brown, it might be too young raw material. That will decompose too fast, starting soon after planting. That will not happen to our coir products.

Dutch Plantin’s product characteristics:

  • physical structure remains stable during the whole crop
  • stable coir is easier to buffer and wash to low EC at the start
  • Sodium and Potassium at low levels for an optimal culture

Dutch Plantin has been producing stable coco for over 20 years in line with a special treatment which avoids the fast decomposing of the structure during the crop. The material is of a certain age in order to retain a good structure for several years, which is the first step of the process. The lignin content increases during this period, which makes the particles more solid. Plus the cellulose content decreases at the same time. The result is that the coco peat’s structure will not slump, but instead will remain airy.

We developed our coco especially for roses and strawberries in the nineties, to be used in crops for many years before renewal. Growers and consultants had already known for years that the physical structure remained very strong for a long time with a balanced air/water ratio.

It is also of great importance that you mix a stable coco for potting soil: only then will you have a mixture which will satisfy customers in the long run.

Dutch Plantin’s buffered coco to avoid surprises in chemical analyses after planting: Sodium and Potassium are at low levels. This is the only way to ensure Calcium is amply available to the plants. For growbags the buffering can be realised by the growers themselves most of the time and we will assist to ensure they succeed.

It is difficult to get a balance in Ca – K/Na when non-buffered coco is used and the first crops will therefore be affected by Calcium deficiencies in leaves and flowers.

Many crops, and especially tomatoes and strawberries, are (very) sensitive to this and a good stable coco “guarantees” a good yield & quality. Seedlings, cuttings and young plants will be of the best possible quality when rooted in our stable coco.

Excellent characteristics

  • Optima mixtures for a high air content

Dutch Plantin Optima mixtures of coco peat and coco chips maintain an optimum air % for more years of use, combined with perfect root contact.

These balanced mixtures result in an effective horizontal spreading of water & fertilisers: from the start roots grow everywhere across the whole growbag from top to bottom.

New customers growing tomatoes in growbags noticed this better rooting compared to their own earlier experiences with growbags with lots of coarse material.
Our stable coco chips won’t decompose as fast as many other coco chips available on the market.

Technical support

  • we offer our customers professional support before, during and after sales

Dutch Plantin offers its customers excellent and professional support for each type of product. We provide potting soil producers with information regarding all kinds of mixtures they can create using coco peat and professional growers are given advice about the right preparation of the growbags and briquettes. Dutch Plantin supports its partners, who are reliable and professional companies who understand coco peat, in exactly the same way.

Reliable deliveries

  • date of arrival at your port or your site as agreed

Dutch Plantin keeps its promises: we only commit to orders and delivery times we can fulfil. So you can rest assured there won’t be any surprises like late deliveries.
The 5 kg blocks and 650 gram briquettes are generally available throughout the year, thanks to our improved production capacity, good inventory levels of raw materials as well as finished goods.

Certain lead times may become applicable during peak seasons, when many growers want our growbags, as our growbags are custom made and are not supplied from stock.

We are happy that an increasing number of customers are now ordering in plenty of time: they want to make sure they’ll have the best coco product at their site on time.

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