Dutch Plantin coco makes the difference

Quality monitoring
Quality control is of vital importance to Dutch Plantin. That’s why we keep a close eye on quality throughout the production process. For example, we store all our raw materials in conditioned bunkers as soon as they are extracted. This way, we can know for sure that nothing has happened to them and that they conform completely to our standards. The concrete drying floors in the bunkers are always clean. We achieve certainty by carrying out continuous weed tests and taking weekly samples at each stage of the production process. Additionally, we take a sample from every container that leaves our terminals.

Reliable research
Samples are subjected to a detailed analysis and inspected by an independent institute: ECAS. ECAS sees to it that our products meet the requirements of the RHP without fail. We apply the same quality standards in all of our production plants, whether they relate to raw material, packaging or hygiene. Each production site has its own laboratory with air-conditioned rooms to ensure that the tests are always carried out in the same conditions, producing results that are representative and reliable. One of our Dutch staff is responsible for the complete quality monitoring system.

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The largest exporter, and active worldwide

Dutch Plantin is once again the largest exporter of coco products in India.

Dutch Plantin produces innovative, sustainable and customer-oriented coco substrates for the professional horticulture sector. With over 10 production sites in Asia, Africa and the Netherlands, Dutch Plantin is the world’s largest producer of coco products. The company consists of 900 FTE and exports to over 50 countries. Dutch Plantin represents quality with the future in mind.

Thanks to our experienced and highly motivated colleagues in the logistics department there are barely any areas in the world that we are unable to supply to. They are a vital link in the agreements we have with our customers, as we all aim to always meet the agreed week of delivery.

Responsible and social commitment

We are very conscious of our social responsibilities. Take water consumption as an example. Whenever possible, coco peat is buffered and washed in the Netherlands because water is less scarce in this country. Moreover, we pay a lot of attention to cleaning and recycling waste water. And our product itself also has social benefits. This is because, unlike peat, coco peat is a short-cycle raw material. Once peat has been dug up, it takes thousands of years for it to be replaced. However, coconuts just grow on trees which are an inexhaustible source of supply. Moreover, coco peat’s CO2 emissions are many times lower than those of peat. It is therefore a sustainable and environmentally responsible alternative.

We generate additional income for the farmers in our production countries because the husk is no longer sold just for the fibres but also for coco peat. Greater familiarity with the product means an increased income for local growers. And we also accept social responsibility for our employees. We provide reasonable pay for the local population and a separate pension scheme. Our employees are also insured through Dutch Plantin.

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