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To make the most efficient use of irrigation water is important for growers, especially when there are problems with drought. Some substrates are better than others for optimizing water use. How do coir products perform in case of drought? What are the benefits of growing on Dutch Plantin coir products?

Other substrates compared

Bark based mixes are the least efficient for water use and conservation. That’s because they have the lowest capacity to hold water and therefore require frequent irrigation. Sphagnum peat moss has the highest capacity of all organic materials to hold water. However this capacity is drastically decreased when perlite or pumice are added to improve air porosity.

Stable coco for stable crops

Dutch Plantin coco peat has a similar high water holding capacity in comparison with sphagnum peat moss. Our coir products act as small water reservoirs. That’s because we carefully process the coir so that the structure of the pith, fibers and chips remain stable. Also the structure of the coco blends ensures an optimal air porosity.

Benefits of Dutch Plantin coir:

  • High capacity to hold water, with optimal air porosity.
  • Stable coco: structure remains the same during the whole crop.
  • Coco chips can be used as additives in growing media.
  • Sodium and potassium at low levels for an optimal culture.