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In both the Netherlands and India, Dutch Plantin produces high-quality, uniform and stable cocopeat products. By following our own quality management structure and being in compliance with international rules drawn up by RHP, we can ensure good quality and a sustainable production from source to final product. Our main products are cocopeat (or coir pith), coco fibres and coco chips.

What does RHP stand for?

Since 1963 RHP is the European knowledge center for soil and substrate for professional growers and consumers. Coir bearing the RHP-certificate is stable and guarantees an optimum growing medium. Dutch Plantin contributed to develop this standard during the early nineties and has been RHP-certified for more than 20 years. Also Fer Weerheijm, production and sales director at Dutch Plantin, has been chairman of RHP’s coir products product group since 2010. That means that constant developments are actively co-directed by Dutch Plantin and initiated and implemented in the market.

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Balanced nutrients

Coir products certified with the RHP-quality mark is the best start for any cultivation. The composition of important nutrients is completely in balance. RHP-coir is clearly different from other coir products. Only RHP-producers have access to the unique knowledge that is needed to treat coir properly.

Stability is what cocopeat is all about

Stable coir assures good crop results and give maximum yield. Stable coir does not shrink during growing and is less susceptible to diseases. It maintains a good balance in water and air and results in strong plants.

Choosing for RHP means choosing security!

Dutch Plantin produces stable coir products only with the buffered qualities RHP-certified. The washed and non-washed qualities often are processed on the same sites. All deliveries to customers are manufactured at own sites with 100% chain control: we know exactly what we supply. Coir that does not comply to the RHP-standards involve high risks in growing, due to unbalanced nutrients like potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium. This results in poorer quality and yield. So when somebody asks us for cheaper quality we say: “Sorry, can’t help you with that!”

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Control of weed and plant pathogens

Every single process in the coir production chain is monitored and certified by RHP, from the very first stage throughout the journey to the customer. Production sites are frequently visited and inspected. Minimum weed content and the absence of plant pathogens are controlled. RHP-certified coir is safe for both plants and users.

Water Uptake Characteristic (WOK)

Coir is the best wetting agent there is: fast uptake and an excellent air capacity. Coir pith is easy to rewet after drying, again and again. WOK analyses are an innovative method for predicting the water balance of coir under practical circumstances. It helps to crop management and growth.


A small quantity of RHP-certified coir pith will already improve the water uptake tremendously.