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A few years ago Dutch Plantin introduced bags with 50 ltr loose coir pith ‘ready to use’. However the existing production line in our biggest factory in India can no longer meet the growing demand. That’s why we have invested in a second production line. So we can handle the orders for next year with the same speed and service as our customers are grown used to.

pallet 50 ltr bags
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Our special fibres coir pith product called ‘Coco-15’ is becoming a big success. Especially the potting soil producers like the uniformity and easiness to mix it with peat moss. We want to offer ‘Coco-15’ in compressed blocks to customers as well. That is why we expect to double the production volume for the coming season.

The production of our double layered growbag is in full swing so we can supply growers for the next months. This special growbag has two layers: a layer of coco chips at the bottom (5-15 mm) and a layer of coco pith at the top where the fine dust is removed. Research and experience show that the double layer growbag ensures optimal growth conditions: fast initial growth after planting, a horizontal rooting through the entire layer and uniform drainage. As such these coir growbags can be optimally controlled and used in various crops: vegetables, flowers and soft fruit like strawberries. Furthermore the growbags are very sustainable: up to 17,000 growbags fit in one container. After cultivation the content of the growbags can be used in other crops or as soil improvement. That’s because of the stable structure of the coir.