Growbags: slabs and open-top bags

Flowers, soft fruit – particularly strawberries – and virtually all vegetables grow really well on our growbags. Once planted, you can count on a fast initial growth a beautiful horizontal rooting. The growbags are made of coco chips and sieved coco pith. We will gladly advise you on the ideal mixture for your crops and can create it for you. And did you know we can transport up to 40,000 growbags in a single container? The key is to press them as efficiently as possible and create custom pallets. That is not only efficient and more affordable, but also good for our planet.

We can create growbags perfectly tailored to our customers’ needs.
• Premium. Coco mat made of a layer of coco chips covered with coco pith.
• Optima. Mixture of coco pith and coco chips.
• Classic. 100% coco pith.
• 50 litres of loose coco. Unlike the growbags, these 50-litre bags of coco pith are not pressed, meaning they are ready for use.

Our growbags:
• are 100% organic
• have low sodium and chloride levels thanks to our innovative production process
• are stable, so they can be used for many years, even for different crops
• maintain a high air percentage throughout the entire cultivation period
• have excellent moisture-retaining properties
• make bad soil quality and soil diseases a thing of the past
• need a lot less fertiliser than soil
• are easy to irrigate
• allow you to save considerable amounts of fresh water, which is becoming scarcer all over the world
• last but not least, they contribute to a better world

More information and advice

Keen to find out which growbag best suits your crops? Contact us and we will gladly advise you.


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