Special products

Coco-15: for a great mixture with peat!

Potting soil producers are used to mix coco products in their substrates, sometimes to substitute peat, sometimes to improve the characteristics of the potting soil. Dutch Plantin created a new material, especially for this purpose: easy to mix with peat moss and improving the drainage and the air porosity. This Coco-15 is a mix of finer and courser particles and because of the uniformity easy to mix in a homogeneous way so that the total mix has the right structure for good rooting. Coco-15 is produced according to the RHP quality mark (buffered and washed) and is only available through our Dutch factories. Coco-15 in compressed blocks of 5 kg — in washed quality — will be available (in limited capacity) in the course of this year, directly from our factories in India.

Bags with 50 liters of loose coir pith, ready for use!

Dutch Plantin India has developed a new packaging for coco peat: 50-ltr bags.
This coco is not compressed and is therefore ready for use. Growers who are used to the so-called ‘big bales’ or ‘big bags’ will be pleased with these manageable 50-ltr bags. The bags are delivered on pallets: there are 75 bags on a pallet and with 21 pallets in a 40-ft container, this adds up to 1,575 bags and a volume of about 79 ENm3.

The quality of this coco peat is buffered and washed (with RHP quality mark) or is only washed, for example for use in organic horticulture. Delivery takes place directly from India and is therefore only available per full container.


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