Special products

Coco-15: for a great mixture with peat!

Potting soil producers are used to mix coco products in their substrates, sometimes to substitute peat, sometimes to improve the characteristics of the potting soil. Dutch Plantin created a new material, especially for this purpose: easy to mix with peat moss and improving the drainage and the air porosity. This Coco-15 is a mix of finer and courser particles and because of the uniformity easy to mix in a homogeneous way so that the total mix has the right structure for good rooting. Coco-15 is produced under RHP-regulations (buffered and washed) and is only available from our Dutch factories.

25 kg bales – slightly pressed, so ready to use!

Dutch Plantin India has developed a new packaging for our cocopeat, what is packed as 25 kg bales. These are slightly pressed and are ready to use without breaking or adding lots of water to expand. Growers who are used to big bales will welcome this easy to handle 25 kg bale. The bales can be put on pallets or floor loaded what will give an extra volume in the container. There are 20 bales on a pallet, and with 24 pallets in a 40FT container this gives 480 bales. Floor loaded even up to 600 bales. Each bale gives approx. 220 ENltr. The packaging can be done in cotton (environmental friendly) or plastic for outdoor storage. The quality of the coco peat is buffered & washed (RHP certified) or washed only (IMO certified).


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