Dutch Plantin double layer growbag: saves costs … saves the environment

This special growbag has two layers: a layer of coco chips at the bottom (5-15 mm) and a layer of coco pith at the top where the fine dust is removed. Research and experience show that the double layer growbag ensures optimal growth conditions: fast initial growth after planting, a horizontal rooting through the entire layer and uniform drainage. As such these coir growbags can be optimally controlled and used in various crops: vegetables, flowers and soft fruit like strawberries.

After cultivation the content of the growbags can be used in other crops or as soil improvement. That’s because of the stable structure of the coir. Very sustainable.

Research at PlantResearch in Made (The Netherlands) shows remarkable advantages when using Dutch Plantin Optima growbags.

This has resulted in a growbag with all advantages combined

  • easy to expand uniform
  • root establishment horizontally
  • excellent drainage through the coco chips at the bottom
  • less root diseases as no wet roots anymore
  • minimum equal yield compared to stonewool
  • up to 20% less water consumption compared to stonewool
  • saves fertilizers
  • saves money

With up to 17.000 growbags in a 40” container the transport is very efficient and sustainable.


New opportunities with our newest product: DPpots layered

Dutch Plantin has developed a special new product for growers, which is called Dutch Plantin Optima DPpots: a special grade of Dutch Plantin cocopeat and coco-chips. As a result, growers now use Optima DPpots with excellent results in various crops, with the above mentioned properties being enhanced even further.

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Top-rated mixture and pack

Dutch Plantin has a special plant for the production of growbags. A production site operates solely for the production of these growbag planks, which are used for growing both vegetables and flowers. Of course, much attention is given to finding the optimum mixture of the substrate. But we also ensure that the plastic bag is of the highest possible quality. Years of expert research and continuous development mean that we are in a unique position to achieve excellent UV stability.

RHP label

Both the bag and its contents are thoroughly tested. It’s no coincidence that we are the first producer to receive an RHP label on growbags. One big advantage of our growbag planks is that you are always assured of the output and size. Dutch Plantin’s growbag planks are also specially produced to order. There is a variety of options in terms of length and width. The same applies to the mixture, which our experts will match to your requirements after close consultation. We will also be guided by your preference in terms of drain holes, drip holes and plant holes.

Tailor-made mixture

Growbags are definitely a product defined by size. Three factors play a role when deciding on the correct growbag and the optimal mixture. First of all, the plants that you are cultivating; does it concern the cultivation of, for example, flowers or vegetables? Besides this, it is important to know how long you intend using the substrate.


Finally, the specific climate conditions at your establishment or work location are crucial. The amount of UV-radiation is not the same all over the world. For areas with strong radiation we have plastic bags with increased UV-stability. In this manner the plastic and mixture remain optimally protected. Also, does UV-stability play no role? In that case choose our growbag planks without plastic, the so-called naked planks.

DP_E_LayeredGrowbag afbeelding

Optima DPpots

DP_E_Vegetables afbeelding

DP_E_Softfruit afbeelding



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