Coco peat in briquettes

Compact coco peat blocks

In addition to the blocks, we can also supply coco peat in briquettes. These easy-to-use briquettes are 20 x 10 x 5,5 cm in size and work in the same way as the blocks. When wet, they swell up and their volume increases by about ten times. For example, one briquette provides approximately 8 litres of pure coco peat. You can choose washed, buffered or unwashed coco peat. Briquettes can be individually wrapped if needed.

Attractive delivery prices

Because we ship large volumes, we are able to negotiate attractive annual contracts with shipping companies, from which you derive the benefits. Furthermore, it goes without saying that you can remain confident that the briquettes will be of pure quality, monitored down to the smallest detail throughout the production process.

Substrates for professionals and consumers

Our briquettes with coco peat are an appealing product for scores of buyers. The coco peat briquettes from Dutch Plantin are put to use in numerous sectors, for example, in retail. Briquettes are above all ideal for garden centres because they can be sold singly to consumers but the buffered coco peat also provides great solutions for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables too.

Efficiently transportable

The briquettes weigh approximately 650 grams and are more finely compressed than the blocks so that transport can be organised more efficiently. Washed, buffered or unwashed coco peat is available in briquette form. Where packaging is concerned, various options are possible; on pallets, in cardboard boxes, sealed and possibly provided with a sticker or label; the choice is all yours.

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