Cocopeat blocks

In all mixtures and sizes

We can supply coco peat, coco fibres and coco chips in the form of compressed 5kg blocks consisting of 100% coco peat, fibres or chips. Washed, buffered or unwashed. Even if you want a mixture made to order, you can choose to receive it in the form of a compressed block. All you have to do is wet the blocks, at which point they will swell up.

Flexible and timely delivery

We can supply both from the Netherlands and from India, both on pallets and in bulk. Because we ship large volumes and have annual contracts with shipping companies, we offer very competitive shipping rates, which will directly benefit you and we guarantee a pure and clean product. Dutch Plantin controls the complete production process and the output of our blocks is therefore excellent. Thanks to careful supervision, all our products are free of weed and sand.

For growers and potting soil producers

Our pressed coco peat blocks, coco chips and coco fibres are available in different versions. Each composition has its own unique characteristics. In this way, thanks to low transport costs, coco peat blocks weighing 5 kg are extremely suitable for potting soil producers wishing to purchase large amounts. Washed and buffered coco peat is certainly of great interest to rose and pot plant growers but also to specialists in the cultivation of fruit, vegetables, sensitive plants and seedlings.

Stable and user-friendly

Coco chips and coco fibres are also excellent for pressing into manageable blocks without structure decay. The compressed, fine coco chips are being put to use, more and more, by pot soil producers. The chips are in fact easy to loosen up and process. The coco fibres are particularly well-suited to improving the capillary characteristics of the potting soil.

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