Coco products for professional growers


More growth and less cost

Coco products have great benefits for vegetable growers. Dutch Plantin products hold a lot of moisture and air and in this way stimulate the growth of fine roots, which undeniably increase the plant’s absorption capacity. The result is substantially increased vegetable growth. What’s more, coco peat can often easily last for several seasons. For example, where peat rots away, coco peat hardly decomposes at all. The product doesn’t therefore have to be replaced quickly, and this constitutes a considerable cost saving. In addition to this, coco peat is free draining while at the same time it holds a lot of water. The top also dries out fairly quickly, forming a natural protective layer. This means that pathogens do not get a chance to penetrate as far as the plant’s roots.

Mixtures made to measure

Dutch Plantin is uniquely familiar with coco products because we’ve been dealing with them for over twenty years. This means that you can come to us not only for a top quality product but also for expert advice on the substrate that best suits your specific situation. After all, we are only too aware that each plant requires a bespoke solution.

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Ideal alternative to traditional substrates

Over the past twenty years coco peat has proved its worth as an excellent product for flower cultivation. What’s more, Dutch Plantin’s roots are in rose growing. Tests conducted on other plants quickly showed that coco peat is a perfect alternative to other substrates because it has a high lignin content and retains its physical properties for several years. This keeps both the water and the air content constant. This is very important for the development of fine roots which substantially increase the plant’s absorption capacity.

Both producer and supplier

Dutch Plantin has a lot of experience in flower cultivation, which can be seen in our products. We know what we are talking about and we concentrate on coconut rather than on countless substrates at the same time. We also have control over the entire production process. This means that we maintain strict supervision of the quality of our products. And we go beyond production. We have an experienced and expert team of specialists, laboratory staff and agricultural scientists.

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Soft fruits

Both effective and sustainable

From strawberries to blackberries and raspberries to cranberries, soft fruits show excellent growth on coco peat. It’s no wonder, then, that growers are increasingly choosing coco peat over peat. The advantages are clear. Coco peat holds water longer and also has a well aerated structure. This stimulates vegetable growth considerably, both in glass and outdoors. Coco peat also lasts a long time. Unlike peat, coco peat does not rot down but retains its structure.

Stability and continuity

Coco peat is a particularly stable product which is free draining but at the same time has a high water-holding capacity. In addition to this, the top layer of the substrate dries out fairly quickly, creating a protective layer that prevents pathogens from reaching the roots. Dutch Plantin is a world-leading producer and supplier of coco products. Thanks to our combination of much experience, especially close supervision during the production process and a team of expert laboratory staff and agricultural scientists, we are able to supply a wide range of high-quality products. At any time.

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