Vision, mission and strategy


Dutch Plantin wishes to make the world more sustainable by promoting a large-scale application of coconut products all over the world. Our aim is to become a global market leader in the field of blocks and grow bags.


Our mission is to positively surprise every customer anywhere in the world with top-quality products and an excellent service. We realise this through complete chain management. Through our own production sites on different continents, immense stocks, and a wealth of technical know-how, we have one hundred per cent control over quality and delivery reliability.

Our five principles

Positively surprising customers starts with providing top quality. For this reason we leave nothing to chance in this area. Our own locally managed production sites, exclusively employing our own staff, provide us with complete control over our raw materials. Also during the production process, quality control is always our top priority.

A deal is a deal
We realise that customers will only opt for our products if they can rely on us one hundred per cent. On the one hand, honouring agreements is a matter of mentality; on the other, it is a matter of creating the right conditions. We greatly devote ourselves to both. By spreading our production sites over several continents, we can produce and deliver throughout the year regardless of weather conditions. Our large stocks also play a leading role in this regard.

Social and involved
Our employees are important to us. We ensure that they are able to do their job in a pleasant manner under good working conditions. Especially in India, where life is hard, we offer our employees a helping hand in building a future. For this purpose, we develop all sorts of initiatives. Dutch Plantin holds the SA 8000 certification for social accountability.

Sustainable collaboration
If we treat our customers well, they will treat us well. This mutual benefit is the foundation of long-term relationships, which are so important to our future. Dutch Plantin wishes to continue to positively surprise customers. No relationship is taken for granted; we keep pushing ourselves to the limit in order to satisfy customers to the highest possible extent – day in, day out.

We work with products of nature and owe our existence to things produced by the earth. We are aware of this every day. Although we have the courage to think big, we remain level headed. We realise that only a down-to-earth, pragmatic approach will actually help us move forward.

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