Continuity and quality

With over ten production sites in Asia, Africa and the Netherlands, Dutch Plantin is the world’s largest producer of coco peat and other coco products. And let’s not forget, the most innovative. Thanks to over twenty years’ experience as an innovator in this area, we have been continually improving the production process. This benefits you as a buyer of the products, due to an undeniable focus on quality and a minimum chance of defects. Continuity is a key factor in this process. The distribution of our production sites means that we can produce and supply throughout the year, unaffected by weather.

Production and supply tailored to customer requirements

The international distribution of our production plants and sites naturally requires perfect coordination. That’s why we have both a central sales team and a separate logistics department located among the main production sites in India. Together, they coordinate the organisation of sales and transport down to the smallest detail. In this way, we can deliver direct to your door, always on time and at extremely competitive rates. What’s more, Dutch Plantin employs its own agricultural scientists and laboratory staff who can provide you with perfectly tailored advice on the best mixture for your business. We will produce and supply this mixture exactly to your requirements.

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