History of the world’s largest producer of coco products


Dutch Plantin was established in 1984 to carry out research into the possible uses of coco peat. Coco peat was quickly found to be extremely suitable as a growing medium in horticulture. This resulted in the first practical trials of various prominent rose growers and institutes in the Netherlands and the UK in 1985. The results were so convincing that a year later we built the first production plant for coco peat in Sri Lanka under our own management. We also expanded our sales market to include small fruit and vegetable cultivation.


In 1994 the business came into the possession of the current shareholders and new capital was attracted. The construction of a second production plant in Coimbatore (India) ensured that the development of our business would really take off. We then established a sales office in India to service the export market directly from source. In 1999 we entered a new market: coco peat as an additive for potting soils. Our production volumes increased and a further four production plants were opened, all in the heart of one of the largest coconut growing areas in India. Our Indian office was also set up. Five years later we opened a new processing site in Helmond, the Netherlands.

In 2010 we opened our second production location in the Netherlands. This location will double our production capacity in the Netherlands. This location in Boekel meets as the location in Helmond on the standards of RHP. Also on the new location we build an 4000 square meter hall which will ensure that we have less weather influence on our final product, cocopeat.

In 2008, work started on the construction of a new plant for the production of coco chips in Ivory Coast.

From 2013 Dutch Plantin in the Netherlands uses another hall of 5000 m2 for the storage of 5 kg blocks. This is important at times of low supply from India and Ivory Coast (mainly by the monsoons) to have sufficient available.

In 2014 Dutch Plantin invested heavily in Ivory Coast for the expansion of the production of coco-15: a perfect raw material based on coco fibers for the purpose of by mixing in potting soils and substrates.

At the end of 2015 we also started producing coco-15 in India to meet the increasing demand; in 2016, two locations have already been added to produce this exclusive product.

In 2016 we added a new packaging to our range in India: 50 ltr bags with loose cocopeat – ready to use!

In 2017 we built a new factory (CK4) in India with which we can increase the production of growbags by about 1 million pieces per year.

It is expected that in 2018/2019 “CK5” will be added, as well as more machines to produce growbags, coco-15 and 50 ltr bags.


Dutch Plantin’s aim is to continue to expand production capacity without compromising quality. We intend to respond to the growing market demand and also continue to expand our international network of agents and distributors.

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