Minimum or no emission of water and fertilizers is our subject to be tested thoroughly.

After positive results in 2016 in a pepper crop we continue this year with 2 crops of cucumbers.?In the peppers we installed our ‘washed type’ coirbags Double Layer. These we buffered and washed prior the trial started in a closed system. Sodium was around 3-3,5 mmol/ltr during the crop in the drainwater. With a critical amount around 6-7 mmol/ltr we stayed far below. Good yield in quantity and quality similar to convential growing. ?This year we start crops of cucumber with washed / non-buffered Double Layer growbags straight in a closed system; results to follow end of this year.
For tomato crops we see our customers/grower already using our non-washed coir straight in closed systems successfully, as this example from Belgium: