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If there is a substrate manufacturer nearby, cocopeat can be supplied in loose form and ‘ready to use’ like Dutch Plantin is doing in The Netherlands. To save on transport costs direct supply of compressed 5 kg blocks can be interesting. However, then the customer has to process the coir himself. ?This can be done ‘the easy way’ by adding water and make loose by hand. ?Large growers (who use e.g. over 2000 m3/yr) and potting soil companies can consider to invest in special designed machines to process the 5 kg blocks into loose coir. Often there are options in these machines to add fertilizers or to mix with other raw materials like perlite. ?Depending on the % and type of crop you might need to apply extra Calcium to stabilize the coir.? Dutch Plantin supplies reliable qualities for professional use: stable, high air %, high output and low EC.


Another way of working is to spread the blocks on the beds, position underneath a sprinkler (remove the twister) and expand the blocks easily by a slow apply of water/fertilizers. The cocopeat is made loose and spread by hand:


Carnation cuttings e.g. root perfect and very fast in our cocopeat. Minimum breaking roots when lifting them to replant.