Coir products have been on the market for almost three decades now, and it took some time for it to reach maturity. Initially coir was mostly known as a vegetative growing medium, but that has changed completely as of 2010.

Ongoing innovation, research and development have resulted in perfect, manageable coir substrates. As vegetative as you want it, and as generative as you want it at the same time. Our coir substrates allow you to reduce moisture as much as you want for generative action, and yet quickly rewet the medium at all times. The latest and very successful generation in coir bags: the Dutch Plantin Double Layer growbag.

Between 2008 and 2012, we developed a new generation of coir growbags: coarse coco pith on top (so the crop takes quickly and to ensure great horizontal rooting) and coco chips on the bottom (for uniform and easy drainage). This way we are able to realize even more air (or ‘less water’) at the bottom of the bag than at the top!

Vegetative varieties perform better on a generative substrate, and the other way around. Our customers/growers are able to manage the system perfectly and easily. As of right now, we have over five years’ worth of experience with the new medium and are offering and selling Double Layer growbags worldwide and for all kinds of crops.

We supply many of our growbags to growers in Central Europe with its continental climate in particular. “Companies with 5 to 10 and even more than 20 ha perform very well,” says Wim Roosen, who visited some of them last week on a tour with our local representative.
“But actually, we supply our growbags to all continents. Soon, we will have an extra factory ready to increase capacity by 35%“.

Dutch Plantin’s Double Layer bag has been a real game-changer:

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