Ecuador’s rose cultivation industry is booming

Those thick-stemmed roses with large flowers in bright colours? It is quite likely they stem from Ecuador. Here, at the equator, there is plenty of sunlight while the nights remain quite cool. As a result, the young plants grow slowly but develop fully, and the roses grow firm and large. Increasingly, nowadays, growers in Ecuador…


Blueberries on coconut substrates: these are the benefits

Worldwide, coconut substrates are the go-to soil for strawberries and raspberries, and increasingly for blackberries as well. Blueberries have hardly been involved in this development; they are still largely grown on peat substrates – while for this plant, too, coconut is the ideal soil material. We can explain why. Peat: essential or not? A soil…


Dutch Plantin at IPM in Essen

Dutch Plantin was one of the 1,600 exhibitors at the Internationale Pflanzenmesse (IPM), the largest international horticultural tradeshow held in Essen from 23 to 26 January 2018. We met both old and new relations and acquired a lot of knowledge and inspiration. Read our impressions of IPM 2018.

Fully automated irrigation systems on Spanish hillsides

“Here in Spain, the rules pertaining to water conservation get stricter every year. That presents a major challenge to farmers,” says Miguel del Toro Peters. Together with his father, he owns Famidan, a specialist in the field of fully automated irrigation systems. Their innovative systems are largely responsible for the growing number of soft-fruit farmers…


Growers demand for good quality cocopeat

Due to several developments in the market we notice growers are asking for good quality of cocopeat: well buffered and washed to low EC. Then I always add: and what about stability? “With a cheap, soft and spongy cocopeat you will not succeed!” I invite growers to come and talk about cocopeat: we supply loose…