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Bringing green life to the living environment of millions of people. And, in the process, reducing the footprint of companies and their products in the international agriculture and horticulture sector as much as possible. That is the mission behind Benefits of Nature. Dutch Plantin is a member of this quality label.

Testing new substrates together

The organisation behind Benefits of Nature is committed to reducing the footprint of international farmers and their products. For instance by calculating their impact on the environment, and creating awareness in the process. But also by testing new substrates and developing innovative products and systems together with the affiliated companies. The organisation also helps entrepreneurs in choosing more sustainable suppliers and carriers.

Meet and share knowledge

In order to improve sustainability in the sector effectively, Benefits of Nature focus on building a stronger connection between parties in the chain. It for instance regularly organises events and meetings to allow entrepreneurs from the international agricultural and horticultural sector to meet and share their knowledge and experiences. Dutch Plantin is part of this. Read how we shape our commitment to sustainability and our social responsibility. Want to find out more about Benefits of Nature? Have a look at the website.