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Tight quality control

Whether you grow vegetablessoft fruitflowers or plants, we understand that our customers across the globe all strive for the same goal: healthy crops and an optimal yield. With that in mind, at Dutch Plantin we leave nothing to chance when it comes to our coco substrates. From our in-house production to the delivery at your door: we manage the entire process, from A to Z. The result? Full quality control and a reliable delivery.

Balanced nutrient profile

Cultivation on the Dutch Plantin growbags (slabs and open-top bags), blocks and briquettes is stable and predictable, also in the long term. Both in warm and cold climates. All thanks to our innovative coco pith production process. We keep sodium and potassium levels low, and add other nutrients on request, like calcium. The result? Even after years of use, the structure and air-water ratio of the substrates remains intact. Read more about this buffering process or watch this video.


Advice and support on site

From preparation to harvest: our professional horticulturists continuously keep a finger on the pulse. We support and advise our customers – professional growers, but also soil producers and distribution partners – on site and show them how to use our products. Keen to find out more about our coco products? Or about the differences between our products and those of many other coco producers? Contact us today!